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Alcohol and calculus don’t mix...

Never drink and derive.

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Age is a question of mind over matter...

If you don’t mind, it doesn't matter.

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Tommy had reached school age. His Mom worked hard to make him enthusiastic about the idea. She bought him lots of new clothes, told him of the new friends he'd meet, and so on.

The first day of school, he eagerly set off. When he came back home he had a lot of glowing reports about school!

Next morning his Mom woke him up saying, "Tommy, it's time to get ready for school."

Tommy said, "What? Again?"

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"This hotel stinks!" a guest complained when he showed up at the front desk to check out.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I got no sleep. Every 15 minutes this loud banging sound woke me up!"

I apologized for the noise and checked him out. A few minutes later, a couple showed up. Again, I made the mistake of asking how their stay was.

"Terrible!" they said. "The guy in the next room was snoring so loudly that we had to bang on the wall every 15 minutes to wake him up!"

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