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Floyd had taken his girlfriend on their third date and she had spoken to a nice-looking man at the next table.

"Is that man a friend of yours?" ask Floyd.

"Yes," she replied.

"Then I think I'll ask him to join us."

"Oh Floyd, this is so sudden!"

"What's so sudden?"

"Why he's our minister."

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A gold-digger had died and all her worldly possessions, including a parrot, were being auctioned off.

"What am I offered for this beautiful bird?"

"One bean," bid a bystander.

"Two bucks," roared another.

"Make it five, Daddy," croaked the parrot, "and I'll give you a kiss."

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Teacher: "What ancient ruler was it who played the fiddle while Rome was burning?"

Johnny: "Hector, ma'am."

Teacher: "No, not Hector. Hector was no ruler, he was a Trojan prince. Try again."

Johnny: "Then it was Duke!"

Teacher: "Duke? What do you mean Johnny?"

Johnny: "Well then, it must have been Nero... I knew it was someone with a dogs name."

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He was a bit shy, and after she had thrown her arms around him and kissed him for bringing her a bouquet of flowers, he arose and started to leave.

"I'm sorry I offended you," she said.

"Oh, no, I'm not offended," he replied. "I'm going for more flowers."

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