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Mr. Maxey was visiting his lawyer to discuss how unreasonable his wife was being.

Lawyer: "What were you and your wife fighting about this time?"

Mr. Maxey: "I pointed out that she was trying to drive a nail in the wall with a hair brush. Is this any reason to get mad?"

Lawyer: "Is that all you said?"

Mr. Maxey: "Well, I just suggested that she would have better luck using her head."

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Landlord: "I want you to pay your rent."

Struggling artist: "Let's discuss this. In a few years people will look up at this miserable studio and say, 'Truman Jones, the famous artist, use to work here.'"

Landlord: "If you don't pay your rent by tonight, they'll be able to say it tomorrow."

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Jeff to son Jeffery: "Why don't you get your girlfriend a sun lamp?"

Jeffrey: "Why a sun lamp?"

Jeff: "Yes, I bought your mother one."

Jeffery: "She bakes herself with it?"

Jeff: "Yes. Yesterday she baked herself for six hours and now she is the toast of the town!"

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"How is your Aunt Bobbie?" asked a family friend.

"She had her appendix taken out the other day," I informed her.

"Did they give her anything for it?"

"No," I answered, "it wasn't worth anything."

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