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Hebert was being examined by the family doctor who, after carefully examining said, "Yes, it is chronic evil which has deprived you of health and happiness."

"Shh!" cautioned Hebert. "For heaven's sake doc, speak softly as the wife is sitting in the next room."

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"Did you present the delinquent account to the defendant?" inquired the lawyer of his client.

"I did, sir."

"And what did he say?"

"He told me to go to the hell."

"And what did you do then?"

"Well that's when I came to you."

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"Where did the car hit him?" the lawyer ask the medical expert.

"At the junction of the dorsal and cervical vertebrae," replied the expert.

At this point the burly foreman rose from his seat. "Boy oh boy, I've lived in these parts for over fifty years," he protested ponderously, "and I have never heard of that place!"

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A young man fell into a deep coma, but recovered before his friends had buried him. One of his friends ask him what it felt like to be dead.

"Dead? I wasn't dead and I knew it because I was hungry and my feet were cold."

"But, how did that make you so sure?"

"Well, I knew if I was in heaven I wouldn't be hungry, and if I were in the other place, my feet wouldn't be cold."

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