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When our client’s dog lapped up anti-freeze, the veterinarian I work for ordered a unique treatment... an IV drip mixing fluids with vodka. “Go buy the cheapest bottle you can find,” he told me.

At the liquor store, I was uneasy buying cheap booze so early in the day, and I felt compelled to explain things to the clerk.

“Believe it or not,” I said, “this is for a sick dog.”

As I was leaving, the next customer plunked down two bottles of muscatel and announced, “These are for my cats.”

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A couple of hours into a visit with my mother she noticed I hadn’t lit up a cigarette once. “Are you trying to kick the habit?”

“No,” I replied. “I’ve got a cold and I don’t smoke when I’m not feeling well.”

“You know,” she observed, “you’d probably live longer if you were sick more often.”

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Hanging up with my 90-year-old mother, I sighed, then said to 
my 96-year-old uncle, “She’s so 

He shook his head sympathetically and warned, “You’re going to have trouble with her when she gets old.”

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All parents are proud of overachieving children, and one father was no exception...

The bumper sticker on his car read "My Kid Made Your License Plate".

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