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At a meeting, the corporate manager told a joke. Everyone on the team laughed except one guy.

The manager asked him, "Didn’t you understand my joke?"

The guy replied, "Oh I understood it, but I resigned yesterday."

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If athletes get athlete’s foot...

Then do astronauts get mistletoe?

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The company where I work provides four-foot-high cubicles so each employee can have some privacy.

One day a co-worker had an exasperating phone conversation with one of her teenage sons. After hanging up, she heaved a sigh and said, "No one ever listens to me."

Immediately, several voices from surrounding cubicles called out, "Yes, yes we do."

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Blood may be thicker than water, but baseball beats them both.

I learned this after explaining to my two boys that they were half-Lithuanian on their father’s side, and half-Yankee, meaning their other set of parents came from an old New England family.

My younger son looked worried. "But we’re still a hundred percent Red Sox, right, Mom?"

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