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Richard Branson has announced plans to develop a new type of plane that can fly from New York to Tokyo in one hour...

Apparently, the engines are powered by human screams!

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After a rough day spent corralling my rowdy kids, I’d had enough.

“I think I’m going to sell them,” I hissed to my sister.

“You’re crazy,” she said.

“For thinking of selling them?”

“For thinking someone would buy them.”

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While I was making a huge batch of snicker doodle cookies, I asked my ten-year-old to read the recipe and ingredients off the box to me, doubling them as he went along.

He did as he was told. His first instruction: "Preheat the oven to 700 degrees."

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Suspecting he had a serious medical condition, I nagged my husband until he agreed to see a doctor.

Once there, he was handed a mountain of forms to fill out. Next to 'Reason for visit' he wrote, "My wife made me."

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