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Little Johnny raised his hand in class. The teacher asked, “Do you have a question Little Johnny?”

Little Johnny replied, “What time IT IS?”

The teacher then replied slowly and clearly, “What time IS IT...”

With a puzzled look on his face Little Johnny said, “If I knew that I wouldn’t have asked you.”

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Teacher: Little Johnny, why is the wall in China referred to as the "Great Wall?"

Little Johnny: Because the word "Swell" just didn't quite do it.

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Teen #1: I took the girl you set me up with to a matinee, we watched the Wizard of Oz. Afterwards we went to brunch.

Teen #2: Sounds great, will there be a second date?

Teen #1: I don’t think so, during the meal she kept clicking her heels together three times.

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What do you get when you cross a Gorilla with a Rhino?

I don't exactly know either but would imagine you get an animal that often hear's the words, "Whatever you say, I'm golden with it!"

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