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Teacher: "Missouri is the 'Show ME' state, Florida is the 'Sunshine State'. Does any one know the motto of Washington D.C.?"

Teacher: "No one? Does anyone wish to venture a guess?"

5th grade student: "Is it the 'Plausible Deniability' state?"

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I went to a costume party dressed as a rapper but everyone thought I was sad because I was looking down all night.

They have no idea how heavy all those gold chains are.

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What did Queen Guinevere say about Sir Lancelot after he slayed three war dogs to save the King?

"One day they'll name a rock band after this knight!"

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Last Saturday night me and my date watched a movie at my house. I leaned over and kissed her for the first time.

She instantly remarked, "You must be the one, I heard trumpets sound when we kissed."

Now I'm hoping she doesn't find out it was my little brother downstairs practicing for band.

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