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After writing a simple equation on the board the teacher asked if anyone could solve the problem.

Little Johnny walked up to the board, erased it and said, “Problem Solved.”

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Fred: I’ve invented a truck that runs on water.

Ed: Why does it have such huge balloon tires?

Fred: So it can run on water.

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Teacher: Little Johnny you look sad today.

Little Johnny: Actually I’m really, really sad. My dad caught me sneaking a cookie before dinner with our new nanny cam and now I’m grounded.

Teacher: I can understand you being sad but why are you really, really sad?

Little Johnny: When I told my mother what happened she said, “What nanny cam? We don’t have a nanny cam.”

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John: I worked as a veterinarian tech during the day and went to school at night to earn a degree in literature but no publisher or movie producer takes a second look at my work.

His best friend Frank: In looking over this script I see a distinctive influence in your work that may be a problem. I’ll read it and see if you see what I do… “He was quiet as a mouse; this dogged bear of a detective catty in his ways is stubborn as a mule. He has the memory of an elephant, the tenacity of a mongoose, pound for pound the fight of a rabid badger.”

John: Yes, I see your point; it’s too descriptive, right?

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