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Billy: Though my Aunt is very dear to me the truth is, no one likes her homemade pudding except you Johnny. Tell me why you always get a double helping and also take the leftovers home?

Johnny: I use it to patch the cracks in my driveway; it lasts for years.

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Teacher: What are you grateful for?

Megan: I’m grateful for the big man upstairs.

Little Johnny: Not me, the big man upstairs drives me nuts! He practices river dancing every night for an hour.

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Teacher: Little Johnny, did you finish your reading assignment?

Little Johnny: No, but I don't like to read.

Teacher: Have you ever heard of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Bubba B. Snodgrass?

Little Johnny: Who is Bubba B. Snodgrass?

Teacher: He's a guy that didn't like to read.

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The IRS is out of control...

Now that I'm older, they've even taxed my memory!

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