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Bob: What are you doing with a pencil and paper?

Ted: I’m writing a letter to my brother.

Bob: But you don’t know how to write.

Ted: That’s okay, my brother can’t read.

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Policeman: "Hey, you! You're crossing the street when the light says, 'Don’t Walk'!"

Pedestrian: "Sorry, officer, I thought it was an ad for the bus company."

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CATEGORY Police Jokes
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Moe: "Where did Larry go?"

Curly: "He’s round in front."

Moe: "I know what he looks like, I just wanted to know where he went."

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Man on phone: Hello, young man, could I speak to your mother or father?

Little Johnny: My parents aren’t home.

Man on phone: Could I leave them a message?

Little Johnny: Sorry, we don’t have an answering machine.

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