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If Jesus, was the son of Mary...

And Jesus is the “Lamb of God”...

Does that mean Mary had a little lamb?

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At the end of the year, Apple plans on unveiling their very first restaurant where it will serve breakfast all day, like Denny’s.

They plan on calling it iHop.

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Little fishy in the sea,
How I wish I could catch thee.
Take you home as a new found pet,
Get you checked out by my vet.

Buy you glasses
A little coat,
Some fin mittens,
A tie that floats.

Send you to college to get a degree
Oh my gosh, what you're costing me!
That tie! The vet!
Oh the prices I've paid!
The next thing you're getting,
I'm afraid, is filleted.

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If God had used the metric system, would there have been ten disciples instead of twelve?

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