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Father: Now Little Johnny, be good while I’m away.

Little Johnny: Okay dad, I’ll be good for a dollar.

Father: Why son, when I was your age I was good for nothing!

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John: There were eight morons: do, re, fa, so, la, ti, and do.

Mark: Hey, what happened to ‘mi’?

John: Sorry, I forgot about you.

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Jake: If you were in a line at a ticket window, and the man in front of you was going to Chicago and the money lady behind you was going to Atlanta, where would you be going?

Fran: I don’t know.

Jake: If you don’t know where you are going, why are you in line?

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Jill: I can stay underwater for ten minutes!

Jack: That’s impossible!

Jill: (takes a glass of water and holds it over her head for ten minutes.) See, I told you!

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