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On a recent flight from New York to Seattle an elderly lady stands up and shouts, "Is there a doctor here?"

A nice, serious guy approaches her quickly and tells her, "I am. What is the problem?"

She replies, "Do you want to meet my daughter?"

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Knock knock...

Knock knock...

Knock knock...

Knock knock...

Knock knock...

Guess nobody's home...

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After returning from a trip overseas, my luggage did not show up in the airport baggage area. Being a frequent flyer I knew the drill and went to the lost luggage office.

I told the woman there that my bags hadn't shown up on the carousel. She smiled and told me not to worry because they were trained professionals and that I was in good hands.

"Now," she asked, "has your plane arrived yet?"

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My new neighbor, Hans, just moved to the states from Norway and was arrested for speeding... driving 66 miles an hour in a 50 mph zone. However, he explained to the officer, "I saw a big sign with 66 on it."

"That's highway 66," the officer said disgustedly.

Hans replied, "You should have seen me yesterday on Highway 110!"

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