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"Johnny, why are you late?" asked the teacher angrily.

"Sorry teacher, it was late when I left home."

"Then why didn't you start earlier?"

"Sorry, at that point it was too late to start earlier."

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Its time for spring cleaning and I answered the doorbell and discovered a half-dozen vacuum cleaner salesmen who indicated they have appointments to demonstrate their products.

I went to my wife who she to me, "Send them each to a different room!"

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The speaker was genuinely enthusiastic about the virtues of temperance but his face made people doubt him.

Towards the close of his testimony he squared his shoulders, held his head tall, and said, "I have lived in this town all my life. in this town there are fifty-five public houses that sell liquor, and I am proud to say that I have never been in one of them!"

Then came a small voice from the back, "Which one is that?"

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This past spring my church was flooded along with other places in the area. On the day back one of the Sunday School teacher decided to have a lesson on Noah and The Ark.

She asked the question: "Did you know that all the animals came on the ark in pairs?"

After some discussion, the teacher's fears were realizes as Little Johnny was waving his hand to be called on.

Little Johnny volunteered, "Teacher, all but the worms! They came on board in the apples."

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