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Teacher: "Why are you late this morning?"

Student: "Its my alarm clock. Everyone got up except me!"

Teacher: How did the alarm clock make you the only one not to get up?"

Student: "There are eight of us in the my family and the alarm clock was only set for seven."

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Little Johnny's mother was asking him a question and he replied: "Mother, you took the words right out of my ears."

Mother: "No, that's not right. It's you took the words right out of my mouth."

Little Johnny: "But I heard it before."

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Customer: "How much is the hamburger steak?"

Butcher: "$1.98 cents a pound."

Customer: "But at the corner market is is only $0.98 cents a pound."

Butcher: "Then you should go there to buy it."

Customer: "But they are all out of it."

Butcher: " Oh, I see. When we don't have any we sell it for $0.50 cents a pound."

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Chauffeur: "All this talk about back-seat drivers is a bunch of nothing. I've driven a car for over ten years and have never heard a word from behind.

Cabby: "What type car do you drive?"

Chauffeur: "A Hearse."

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