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Teacher: "John, what's the matter? Why are you looking so upset?"

John: "My dad is in police station and my mom is in hospital!"

Teacher: "Oh God! Please go home!"

The principal happened to see John leave. He asks the teacher, "Where's John heading to?"

Teacher: "I permitted him to go home because his dad is in police station and mom is in hospital."

Principal: "His dad is a cop and his mom is a nurse... where else they would be?"

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Teacher: "When I was of your age, I learned very quickly and was not as slow as you are."

Student: "Wow, you must have had a good teacher then, didn't you?"

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Today I came across my old password...

Who was walking down the streets with her husband and her baby.

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It was a couple's tenth wedding anniversary. The wife offered her husband a cup of coffee and went in to fetch some snacks. As she offered him snacks, he asked, "Where's your cup of coffee?"

She replied, "You work hard for us and you make me happy! So you deserve this cup of coffee."

The husband held her hands and said, "You have been the driving force behind me. You are my inspiration. Whatever I am today, it's only because, you have been beside me all the time. So you deserve this coffee and thanks for all your love!"

He handed her the cup. She sipped the coffee, very much moved by her husband's words. Their maid who witnessed all this, came up to the man the next day and said, "Sir, you are an ideal husband. It's your love for your wife that makes your marriage stronger."

The husband understood and said, "Yeah, it's love, but the coffee she made was really disgusting and I couldn't say no. So had to give it back to her."

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