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Teacher: "What is an OS? And give me an example."

Student: "An OS is a word which can be used instead of saying 'Oh Yes'. For example, do you like ice cream? You can reply, ‘Oh, yes' or 'OS.'

Teacher: "You may sit down now."

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Patient: "Doc, I am very stressed out and I am not getting proper sleep at night."

Doctor: "I am giving you some medicines and sleeping pills."

Patient: "Is this going to help?"

Doctor: "Yes, just give it to your wife before going to bed."

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Dad was angry when he saw that his son scored a zero in math.

"Son, can you explain this to me?"

"Well dad, the teacher didn't have any stars left to give me, so she gave me a moon!"

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A beer is like the sun...

It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist!

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