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Boy to boy: 1 minute
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Husband to wife: 15 seconds
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An aspiring politician was attending an interview. The interviewer asked, "If people in a place are suffering from severe drought and they are thirsty, what would you do?"

Politician: "I will provide them with water."

Interviewer: "What if there is no water at all to offer?"

Politician: "Then I will make a promise that I will provide them water."

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Woman: "Do you have a greeting card which reads 'You are my first and last love'?"

Store keeper: "Yes ma'am, we do."

Woman: "Perfect! Give me 10 such cards!"

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Dentist: "How did you lose your three teeth?"

Patient: "My wife prepared the pancakes and they were very hard to eat."

Dentist: "Then you could have refused to eat them."

Patient: "I did refused to eat them. Hence, I lost my three teeth."

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