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Pete: "What's that you have in your buttonhole?"

Donald: "That's a chrysanthemum."

Pete: "It looks like a rose to me!"

Donald: "Your wrong, its a chrysanthemum."

Pete: "Then spell it."

Donald: "K-r-i-s.....your right, it is a rose."

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Joe: "Your father is so stingy he looks over the top of his glasses to keep them from wearing out."

Jack: "He's not stingy. He's just economical."

Joe: "He's so economical he hasn't spent over$100 dollars over the last five years."

Jack: "That's not so economical. My brother is more economical than that. But he'll be out next Monday."

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An engaged couple was having an intense argument.

She: "If that's the kind of person you are, I'm going to break our engagement right now. My feelings towards you have changed. I don't want anything more to do with you."

He: "In that case give me my ring back!"

She: "My feelings toward you have changed. My feelings about the ring have not..."

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An inebriated young actor staggered into a large hotel in Hollywood and looked into a large mirror in the lobby.

After a minute or so passed he said, in a loud voice, "Look, they've got a picture of me here, too!"

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