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At a girl's college dormitory, dates were permitted only on Saturday night. One young man showed up on a Tuesday evening, explaining to an older woman in the lobby of the dorm that it was imperative he see a certain young lady immediately.

"I want to surprise her. You see, I'm her brother."

"Oh, she'll be surprised all right," said the woman. "But think of how surprised I am, I'm her mother!"

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Einstein finally finished his theory of relativity...

It’s about time!

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“I love my job,” a farmer says out loud.

A sheep replies, “Ha! All you do is boss me around all day!”

The farmer, clearly upset by this responds, “What did you just say?”

The sheep replies, “You herd me!”

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My girlfriend gets mad whenever I mess with her red wine.

So I added fruit and lemonade to it and now she’s sangria then ever!

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