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One of the oldest dances popular in D.C. has a new name: The Politician.

"All you have to do is take three steps forward, two steps backward, then side-step, side-step, and turn around."

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Little Johnny ran into the room sobbing as through his heart would break.

"Whats the problem Johnny?" asked his mother.

"Oh, daddy was hanging a picture and he dropped it on his toe," replied Johnny.

"Why, that's nothing to cry about. You should be laughing at that," said his mother.

"I did," Johnny replied.

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Little Johnny's teacher was was discussing the weather in chemistry class? She asked, "When rain falls does it ever rise again?"

After asking various students she called on Little Johnny.

"Yes, it does... in dew time."

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A young man fell into a deep coma, but recovered before his friends had buried him. One of his friends ask him what it felt like to be dead.

"Dead? I wasn't dead and I knew it because I was hungry and my feet were cold."

"But, how did that make you so sure?"

"Well, I knew if I was in heaven I wouldn't be hungry, and if I were in the other place, my feet wouldn't be cold."

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