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A sea captain is holding a class at a local dock where several young men and women are learning how to be sailors. "All right, class," the captain states. "Now, if you were out at sea and suddenly a tremendous storm brewed up, what should you do?"

A young man in the front row raises his hand. "Yes, lad?" the captain replies.

"Throw out an anchor," the young man relies.

"Very good. Now, if another tremendous storm brewed up shortly thereafter, what should you do then?"

"Throw out another anchor."

A puzzled look crosses the captain's face. "Well, but what if another tremendous storm brews up?"

"I'd throw out yet another anchor."

"Now hold on there for a second, young fella," the captain says incredulously. "Where do you keep getting all of these anchors?"

"The same place you keep getting all of these tremendous storms, sir." the young man replies.

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