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Little Johnny comes home from school and tells his dad that he failed the safety quiz

Dad: What? How?

Little Johnny: I missed the only question

Dad: What was the question?

Little Johnny: What steps do we take in case of fire?

Dad: And what did you say?

Little Johnny: Well I said really large ones but apparently that's not right answer!!!

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It's the 10th anniversary of Herman Mendelbaum's death and his widow decides to make a pilgrimage to the cemetery to recite a prayer over his grave and place a small stone to show that he is remembered.

She arrives at the cemetery, but it being a while since she had been there, she is confused and cannot find poor Herman's grave site. Finally, she comes across a grounds-keeper who escorts her to a small chapel on the cemetery grounds where the records are kept.

The grounds-keeper, after pouring over large maps and lists, finally turns to the widow and says, "I can find no record of a Herman Mendelbaum buried here. The closest I can find is a Sadie Mendelbaum."

"That's him!" she exclaims. "He always put everything in my name..."

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Joe says to Bill, "Want to see a picture of my Aunt?"

Bill said, "Sure."

So Joe takes out a picture.

Bill says, "What are you talking about? That's not your aunt! That's a picture of a fish!"

Joe says, "Well sure it is... It's my aunt Chovy!"

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A new remote control for your television was being developed that enables the truly lazy to surf channels while moving even less muscles than before. The new device totally eliminates the need to stretch your arm that little bit more from your couch, to get the remote directly in front of the TV. Now the only muscle you need to move is your finger.

This is just one more step to inventing technologies that turn people into furniture, and their brains into Jell-O.
The company spokesman indicated it wanted to refine the product even more by making it thought-controlled, thereby completely removing the need for any sort of muscle movement at all, but this wouldn't work because it has been discovered that most TV addicts are completely incapable of any kind of thought at all.

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