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A graverdigger, walking in the streets of a small town chanced to turn and noticed two doctors walking behind him. He stopped until they passed and then followed on behind them.

"And why this?" asked the doctors.

"I know my place in this procession," he said.

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CATEGORY Doctor Jokes
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"Doctor, I want to thank you for your great medicine."

"It helped you, did it?" asked the doctor very much pleased.

"It helped me wonderfully."

"How many bottles did you find it necessary to take?"

"Oh, I didn't take any of it. My uncle took one bottle, and I am his sole heir."

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CATEGORY Doctor Jokes
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"Now then, Tommy Brown," said the teacher, "I want to set you a little problem. Suppose there were five children and their mother had only four potatoes to share between them. She wants to give each child an equal share. How would she do it?"

"Mash the potatoes," said the boy.

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CATEGORY School Jokes
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Up in Maine a motorist came across a lonely hut and interviewed the proprietor with a view to writing up the locality.

"Whose house is this?" he asked.


"What in the world is it built of?"


"Any animals natural to the locality?"


"What sort of soil have you?"


"How about the climate?"


"What do you live on chiefly?"


"Have you any friends?"


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