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Why was the robot upset?

Everyone was pushing its buttons.

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Little Johnny went fishing with his dad, who had his fishing license on the back of his hat.

After a while they had caught no fish when Little Johnny offered the following suggestion: "Dad, turn your hat around so the fish can see your license."

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Steve met the family doctor on the street.

"I hear your wife has gone to Palm Beach for her health," began the doctor. "What did she have?"

"Eight hundred dollars her father gave her," answered Steve.

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The pastor who had accepted an invitation to officiate at the Sunday service in a neighboring towns church. He entrusted the Sunday service at his church to the new appointed curate. Upon his return he ask his wife what she thought of the curate's sermon.

"It was the poorest one I ever heard," was her prompt reply, "nothing in it at all."

Later in the day he saw the curate and ask how he had got along.

"Oh, very well. I didn't have time to prepare my own sermon so I used one of your unused ones."

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