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While in international waters, a commercial fishing boat was taking on water. The Captain got on the radio, “May Day, May Day!”

In a few moments he heard a crackling response on his radio from another fishing boat, “June Day, June Day.” Then yet another fishing boat responded, “July Day, July Day.”

The First Mate said, “Captain, what do all these responses mean in international code?"

The Captain replied, “It means man the life boats.”

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A pet store owner held an emergency staff meeting.

Pet Store owner to all staff members: "Last month I installed an anonymous suggestion box and asked your thoughts on how to increase sales. I did say the suggestions are anonymous but I'd REALLY like to know who suggested we put recipes on the cages."

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Why do gourmet cooks stock on on herbs and spices in the fall?

Because they're seasonal.

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Major damage after Hurricane Miley and Hurricane Cyrus merged together and then jammed into the mainland...

Witnesses say the scene looked like it was hit by a wrecking ball.

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