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Why didn't The Terminator upgrade to WINDOWS 10?

I asked him and his reply was, "I still love VISTA baby!"

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People are so amazing... if you tell a person that there are 270,678,934,341 stars in the universe, they'll believe you.

However if you put up a sign that says "FRESH PAINT"... that same person has to make a personal investigation!

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The pastor and one of his deacons were walking to parking lot on a frosty day after church. The deacon slipped on the walkway and fell flat on his back.

The pastor, after being assured that the deacon was not injured said, "Friend, sinners stand on slippery places."

The deacon looked up as if to assure himself of the fact said, "I see they do, but I can't."

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Mr. Boggs was halted by the highway patrol who informed him that he was going seventy-five miles an hour in a twenty-five mile an hour zone.

"I wasn't going seventy-five!" protested Mr. Boggs. "I wasn't even going sixty, I wasn't even going fifty, I wasn't even going forty, I wasn't even going..."

"Hey look out," said the highway patrol person. "At this rate you will be backing into something soon enough..."

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