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Hal was home from college for the holidays. He said to his little sister, Sue, ”Would you like me to read you a narrative?”

”What is a narrative?” Sue asked.

”A narrative is a tale,” Hal told her.

That night when Sue went to bed, Hal asked, ”Should I extinguish the light, Sue?”

Sue asked, “What does extinguish mean?”

“Extinguish means to put out,” Hal explained.

The next day they were at dinner when their dog made a nuisance of himself.

”Hal,” Sue said, ”would you take the dog by the narrative and extinguish him?”

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The teacher noticed that Little Johnny had arrived at school wearing only one glove.

“Why have you only got one glove?” she asked.

“Well, Miss,” explained Little Johnny, “I was watching the weather forecast on TV last night, and it said it was going to be quite sunny but on the other hand it could get quite cold.”

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Lou: A woman fell overboard from a ship. A shark came up, looked over her and swam away.

Bud: Why did the shark do that?

Lou: Because it was a man eating shark.

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Bob: Last night I put my tooth under my pillow. This morning I found a dime there instead.

Joe: When I put mine under my pillow, I got a dollar.

Bob: WOW! You must have buck teeth!

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