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Son: "Mom, do I look like God?"

Mom: "No, honey. Why?"

Son: "Because everywhere I go, people say, 'Oh God, he is back!'"

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MAN: Have you finished ironing my silk shirt?

BUTLER: Yes, sir.

MAN: Then please bring it here. I have to get dressed!

BUTLER: Sir, I was ironing and someone knocked on the door. I went to open it and when I came back I could smell something burning....

MAN: Don't tell me you've burnt my shirt!

BUTLER: I... yes, I did.

MAN: Oh, no! Fortunately I have another silk shirt in the cupboard.

BUTLER: I know that, sir. That's why I cut it up and patched up the one I burnt!

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Why did the gardener always eat her toast dry?

Because she saw the butter-fly!!

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Pig 1: Why don't we ask him to sit with us?

Pig 2: No way, he is quite the Boar!

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