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A husband returned home drunk late night. His wife opened the door. He said, " Sorry honey. I couldn't stop finishing a bottle whose brand name was same as yours!"

The next day the wife served breakfast. The man complained, "Oh honey, there's so much salt in this dish..."

The wife replied, "Sorry honey. I couldn't stop myself adding more salt since the brand name was same as yours."

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To make his class interesting, an English language teacher asked a grade 3 student to challenge him in an English test. The student wrote this word on the classroom board, SIDANDTED, and asked his teacher to explain its meaning.

The teacher looked at the word for some time and even searched for its meaning in the dictionary. After several minutes of his research, he gave up and asked his student to explain the meaning.

The student simply said, “They are my friends, Sid and Ted.”

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A 5 year old kid opened his birthday present to find a new toy car. He went up to his father who had just finished dying his hair. The kid was upset. “Dad, I wanted a red toy car and not a blue one.”

The father replied, “A car is a car. Red or blue, color doesn’t matter.”

The kid said, “Then dad, hair is hair. White or black, color doesn’t matter.”

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