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How are you getting on with your exams?”
“Not bad. The questions are easy enough – it’s the answers I have trouble with!”

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TEACHER: Give me the opposite of this sentence…. “CHILDREN IN THE DARK MAKES MISTAKES.”

TASYA: Mistakes in the dark can make children!

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Teacher: "Whoever answers my next question, can go home."

One boy throws his bag out the window.

Teacher: "Who just threw that?"

Boy: "Me, and now I’m going home."

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Two Hillbillies meet after an English exam:

Ey' how was the paper?

Oh it was just great, but I forgot the past tense of "THINK". I thought and thought for a long time, finally I just wrote "THUNK"

Ha ha ha, you are very silly, I thought about that for a while but I know the answer is "Thonk"

And what about the past tense of "Write"

Mmmm, I don't remember what i wrote on that one, I think I wrote "Written"

Well, let's hope you are right, I did not bother with the past tense of "GO", I just wrote "GOED" and went to submit my paper.

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