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I got pulled over. The cop asked me why I didn't stop at the stop sign?

I answered, "Do you believe everything you read?"

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How do fleas travel?
They itch-hike.

What insect stays healthy all the time?
Vitamin Bee.

What do bugs use to add things in school?

What do you call an insect that smells nice?
A deodor-ant.

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What kind of key opens a banana?

A monkey!

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A deaf old lady went to the doctor to find out whether there was any risk of her getting pregnant again.

He told her, “Mrs. Marx, you’re seventy-five. Whilst one can never rule out an act of God, if you were to have a baby it would be a miracle.”

When she got home, her husband asked her what the doctor had said.

“I didn’t quite catch it all,” she admitted, “but it sounded a bit fishy; something about an act of cod, and if I had a baby it would be a mackerel.”

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