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There were three idiots who were in another country and they didn't know the language. They decided that they would go to the local village and they would each learn one new phrase.

So they went to the village, and the first idiot was watching a girl sing, "Me,me,me,me,me!!" So that was the first idiot's phrase.

The second idiot saw a street vendor who was selling silverware and who was saying "Forks and knifes." And that was the second idiot's phrase.

The third idiot went to a park and saw a boy saying, "Swing me first!" And that was the third idiot's phrase.

The three idiots met back and were about to tell each other their new phrases when a policeman ran up and said, "There has been a murder. Who did it?"

The idiots decided to use their new phrases, so the first one said, "Me,me,me,me,me!"

The policeman said, "What was the murder weapon?" The second idiot said, "Forks and knifes."

The policeman said, "Y'all are going to have to hang for this." The third idiot said, "Swing me first!"

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An American businesswoman had to visit UK for about 3 months on business. She asked her husband what she should bring for the husband. "Bring me an English girl" said the husband naughtily. "OK" said the wife.

After 3 months the husband went to the airport to pick up his wife. "Where is my English girl?" he asked.

"Well, dear, I did every possible thing I could do to get a girl for you. She would be there in about 7 months' time, but don't you blame me if it turns out to be a baby boy!" answered the wife.

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At the outpatient surgery center where I work, the anesthesiologist often chatted with patients before their operations to help them relax.

One day he thought he recognized a woman as a co-worker at the VA hospital where he had trained. When the patient confirmed that his hunch was correct, he said, "So, tell me, is the food still as bad there as it used to be?"

"Well," she replied, "I'm still cooking it."

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A bill collector knocked on the door of a country debtor.

"Is Fred home"? he asked the woman who answered the door.

"Sorry," the woman replied. "Fred's gone for cotton."

The next day, the collector tried again.

"Is Fred here today"?

"No, sir," she said. "I'm afraid Fred has gone for cotton."

When he returned the third day, he humphed, "I suppose Fred is gone for cotton again"?

"No," the woman answered solemnly. "Fred died yesterday."

Suspicious that he was being avoided, the collector decided to wait a week and investigate the cemetery himself. But sure enough, there was poor Fred's tombstone, with this inscription:

"Gone, but not for cotton."

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