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I’m 30 years older than my wife. When she was born I was thirty times older than she.

When I was 40 she was 10 making me four times older.

When she was 20 years old I was 50 making me only 2.5 times older.

Last year when we married, she was 30 and I was 60, making me twice her age.

I figure before long we’ll be the same age...

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  • HENNE : D-Gellybean: I agree with you, it is so wrong to criticize others joke.

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      • maryjones : come on poney99ca. give us some jokes for us to corredt. great joke. got my vote. hope this helps you finish in the money. voted

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          • Danny Jackson : Good One.Voted

            • Everleigh : ignore pony99CA. he never posts jokes and he needs to get a life rather than correcting jokes here. He may be the biggest joke of all.... Any way, voted for this one

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                • Pony99CA : Math guy here. If she were literally just born, you'd be infinitely older than her. When she's a year old, you'd be 31x her age. Being 30x her age would come somewhere between 1 and 2 (at 2, you'd be 16x times her age). That all presumes that you were born on the same date and the same time, of course. :D

                  • iqannnylirod : Must you criticize everyone’s jokes. I wish other people criticize your jokes. I would but I'm not that mean.

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