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Two planets are talking...

Saturn: I bet I get married before you do.

Venus: Why?

Saturn: Because I already have a ring.

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Have you heard about the pharmaceutical company that developed a new drug which, when administered to women, compels them to go join a convent?

The FDA refused to license it, though. Seems it was habit-forming.

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Dr. Boudreaux was performing a science experiment on a common insect, the flea. He proceeded to carefully remove one leg from the flea on which he was working. Then he shouted, "Jump!", and the flea jumped. He recorded his findings as such, "flea can jump with one leg removed."

Then he carefully removed a second leg and said, "Jump!" Again the flea jumped with no problem and he recorded the findings. He continued the experiment one leg at a time until all the legs had been removed. The flea, now legless, sat motionless when ordered to jump.

"Hmmm, very interesting," Dr. Boudreaux commented. Then he recorded his findings..."When all the legs have been removed from a flea, he can't hear anything."

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A chemist, a biologist and an electrical engineer were on death row waiting to go in the electric chair. The chemist was brought forward first. "Do you have anything you want to say?" asked the executioner, strapping him in.

No," replied the chemist. The executioner flicked the switch and nothing happened. Under State law, if an execution attempt fails, the prisoner is to be released, so the chemist was released. Then the biologist was brought forward. "Do you have anything you want to say?"

"No, just get on with it."

The executioner flicked the switch, and again nothing happened, so the biologist was released.

Then the electrical engineer was brought forward. Do you have anything you want to say?" asked the executioner.

"Yes," replied the engineer. "If you swap the red and the blue wires over, you might make this thing work."

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