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A ragged individual stranded for several months on a small, deserted island one day noticed a bottle lying in the sand with a piece of paper in it.

Rushing to the bottle, he pulled out the cork and with shaking hands pulled out the message.

"Due to lack of maintenance," he read, "we regretfully have found it necessary to cancel your e-mail account."

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Most people will say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

An engineer will say, "If it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet."

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"What is the difference between a mechanical and civil engineer?" asked the incoming college freshman.

The professor replied, "Mechanical engineers design weapons and civil engineers design targets."

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This was a recent conversation that I had with my girlfriend’s father, who knows I do web design.

Father: I have a business idea. How hard is it to make a Facebook?

Me: Oh, that's simple, not hard at all.

Girlfriend: No, he doesn’t mean to make a Facebook profile. He means to redo ALL of Facebook.

Me: Oh. In that case, that's very hard.

Father: Oh, okay. (Pause) What are we talking then, maybe just 3 to 5 hours?

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