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A man bought a mousetrap. When he brought it home, he discovered that he had no cheese to bait it with. So he found a picture of some cheese and put the picture in the trap.

The next morning he went to the trap to see if it had caught anything. The picture of the cheese was gone. In its place was a picture of a mouse.

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She texted me: Your adorable!

I replied: No. You're adorable!

Now she likes me a lot. All I did was point out her typo.

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Three worms poke out of the ground.

Talking about the third worm, the first worm says to the second, ”Who’s that?”

The second worm says, ”You could say that’s my better half.”

The first worm says, ”You're married?”

The second worm says, ”No, it’s my butt.”

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I taught my kids about democracy tonight by having them vote on which movie to watch and pizza to order.

I then picked the movie and pizza because I'm the one with the money.

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