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I was invited to this indoor wedding over the weekend. When I reached the hotel venue, I found two doors. One said, 'Bride relatives' and the other said, 'Groom relatives'.

"Hmmm, interesting," I said to myself as I entered the door marked Groom relatives. I then found two more doors. One said 'Ladies' and the other said, 'Men'.

I started laughing out loud as I entered the ladies door and found two more doors written, 'People with gifts' and 'People without gifts'.

I entered the people without gifts door... I found myself outside of the hotel.

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Whose decision was it to put Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill?

Wouldn't it make sense to honor Burr, the guy who actually WON the duel?

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Driving back from Vermont, I stopped at a vegetable stand. It was deserted except for a sleeping German shepherd.

I stepped over the dog, helped myself to some corn, then opened the cash box to pay.

Taped to the inside of the lid was this note: "The dog can count."

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I was in small-claims court when I listened in on the case of a woman who held a good job but still had trouble paying her bills on time.

“Can’t you live within your income?” asked the judge.

“No, Your Honor,” she said. “It’s all I can do to live within my credit!”

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