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On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the very first telephone call!

Two days later, an incoming call informed him that the extended warranty on his horse and buggy was expired.

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I, for one, long for the good old days...

I really think we should stop texting and get back to just emailing each other.

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I’ve just reset my password to DelicateLuggageHandler...

I was told it had to be case-sensitive.

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An older couple went to dinner at a trendy restaurant that had no printed menus--just a scannable QR code to see the menu on your phone.

After much grumbling about new-fangled things, they ordered a light dinner and afterward the waiter delivered the check.

When the waiter came back for payment, the husband displayed his phone to the waiter showing an image of a $100 bill.

"Here. You can keep the change."

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