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A wise man once said...


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When I became a licensed chiropractor, I moved back to my hometown and soon had a thriving practice. One morning I saw a new patient whom I recognized as my old high school principal.

"Gee," I said nervously, "I’m a little surprised to see you here."

"Why?" he replied. "You certainly spent a great deal of time in my office."

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Hal was home from college for the holidays. He said to his little sister, Sue, ”Would you like me to read you a narrative?”

”What is a narrative?” Sue asked.

”A narrative is a tale,” Hal told her.

That night when Sue went to bed, Hal asked, ”Should I extinguish the light, Sue?”

Sue asked, “What does extinguish mean?”

“Extinguish means to put out,” Hal explained.

The next day they were at dinner when their dog made a nuisance of himself.

”Hal,” Sue said, ”would you take the dog by the narrative and extinguish him?”

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I recently stumbled upon my favorite new sports team...

It’s a woman’s bowling squad called, "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter".

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