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Ravi: How does your family all use just one car?

Bhanu: It's simple. My wife uses it for shopping and to run errands, my son uses it for school, and I use it to go to the gas station to fill-up again.

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My fellow teacher called for help—she needed someone who knew about animals. As a science teacher, I filled the bill. "Oh," she added, "bring a net."

Expecting to find some kind of beast as I entered her classroom, I was greeted instead by the sight of excited kids watching a hummingbird fly around. Rather than use the net, I suggested they hang red paper by an open door. The bird would be drawn to it, I explained, and eventually fly out.

Later, the teacher called back. The trick worked. "Now," she said, "we have two hummingbirds flying around the room."

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Two scouts were making a lot of noise on a field trip. The scout master asked them to "please not yell" and to "go find firewood".

One scout turned to the other and said, "I’ve heard of this before, something about 'talk softly and carry a big stick!'"

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A tourist asks a man in uniform, "Are you a policeman?"

"No, I am an undercover detective."

"So why are you in uniform?"

"Today is my day off."

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