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As my sister relaxed on the couch, her head comfortably leaning against the crook of her husband’s arm, her cell phone beeped.

She looked at her phone. It was a text message from her husband.

The message: "Please Move."

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On a billboard ad for a safe company...

"If your stuff is stolen, it’s not our vault!"

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Why did Novak Djokovic pay for his flight to Australia with a Mastercard?

Because his Visa didn’t work.

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Thanksgiving Day was approaching and the family had received a Thanksgiving card with a painting of a pilgrim family on their way to church.

Grandma showed the card to her small grandchildren, observing: "The Pilgrim children liked to go to church with their mothers and fathers."

"Oh yeah?" her young grandson replied. "Then why is their dad carrying that rifle?"

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