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As Mr. Aging was browsing through an old newspaper, he read aloud to his wife a news item about men losing their memory cells faster than women do.

"It must be true," she said. "That's the second time you've read that article to me."

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Mary Jones was debating on the best means of dropping her current flame.

Her friend ask: "Are you worried because you think he'll tell lies about you?"

Mary answered: "I don't mind the lies, but if he ever tells the truth I will break his neck!"

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Kid: Did you hear that there is a report of snew tomorrow.

Teacher: What's snew?

Kid: Nothing much, what's snew with you?

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Cop: "Seen anything unusual?"

Me: "A dolphin with a hat, once."

Cop: "I mean around here."

Me: "Nah - they live in water."

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