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An airplane encountered some turbulence, it started juddering and rocking noticeably from side to side. The flight crew wheeled out the drinks cart to keep the passengers calm. The attendant asked a business man

“Would you like a drink?"

“Why not?” he replied unkindly

“I’ll have whatever the pilot’s been having."

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A young blonde with a coach ticket went up and sat down in the first class section of a plane going from Tampa to Los Angles
The airline hostess said I'm sorry miss but you have to sit in the coach section.
The blonde replied " I'm blonde and beautiful and I'm going to LA " She wouldn't move.
Finally the first officer came up and whispered in her ear. The blonde jumped up and ran back to coach

The stewardess asked the first officer what he said to the blonde.

I told her First Class doesn't stop in LA.

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Flights with Aer Lingus to USA from Dublin for £50.
Use of the toilet £300.

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When people go underwater in scary movies, I like to hold my breath and see if I would have survived that situation.
I almost died in Finding Nemo.

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