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Little Johnny came home from school with a sofa slung across his back I'm and armchairs under his arms.

His father said, ”Little Johnny, I told you not to accept suites from strangers.”

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Little Johnny goes to the local Farm & Ranch store to buy bird feed.

The salesperson ask how many birds does he have?

Little Johnny replies, "None, I want to grow some."

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Teacher: "Where did Abraham Lincoln live?"

Little Johnny: "At the Gettysburg Address."

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As little Johnny's mother was tucking him in after reading a bedtime story, she made the remark that God made eyes to see, ears to hear, noses to smell, and feet to run.

"I think God got mixed up," said little Johnny.

"Why do you think that?" inquired his mother.

"Because it's the other way around, my nose runs and my feet smell."

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