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Little Johnny comes home from school and tells his dad that he failed the safety quiz

Dad: What? How?

Little Johnny: I missed the only question

Dad: What was the question?

Little Johnny: What steps do we take in case of fire?

Dad: And what did you say?

Little Johnny: Well I said really large ones but apparently that's not right answer!!!

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The schoolteacher asked her class of young children to name one thing that was needed at their home.


“A Nintendo Wii!”

“Very good, Jim. How about you, Ann?”

"A Super Barbie doll’s house,” said Ann.

“That sounds nice, Ann. Little Johnny?”

Little Johnny remained silent.

“Surely there must be something you can think of, Little Johnny?”

“No, nothing.”

“Really, Little Johnny? You do surprise me.”

“I know it’s true for a fact,” insisted Little Johnny. “Because last week my dad came home drunk, was sick all over the carpet, and my mom said it was the last thing we needed.”

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Little Johnny rushes inside, out of breath and shouts, "Mother! Mother! Give me some money for the poor old man that's shouting along the road!"

His mother replies, "What is he shouting?"

"Ice creams! Come get your ice cream..."

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Teacher: “I hope I didn’t see you looking at Timmy’s test paper?”

Little Johnny: ”I hope you didn't see me either!”

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