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What did the Sun say to the Moon?

"Whether or not you think you're hot, you're not!"

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"Danny," began Mrs. Waters, "what's usually used as a conductor of electricity?"

"Why- er..."

"Correct, wire. Now tell me, what is the unit of electrical power?"

"The what???"

That's absolutely right. The watt."

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During the historic first manned mission to Mars, two Astronauts were charting the Martian surface.

"Look at that," said one to the other, "how beautiful this alien landscape is, untouched by man."

At that point, he was cut off, as he found his radio communications knocked out by unknown interference. They followed the source of the interference until they reached the rim of a crater. "Do you see what the source of that noise is?" asked the first astronaut.

"I don't know," said the second, "but it might be coming from that Starbucks behind you."

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A professor at a museum noticed his tomb exhibit was empty.

He walks by a little boy who is lost and crying.

He asked the boy what's wrong. "I want my mommy!" the boy sniffed.

The professor said, "I know how you feel, I want my mummy too!"

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