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"George is so forgetful," the sales manager complained to his secretary. "It's a wonder he can sell anything. I asked him to pick me up some sandwiches on his way back from lunch but I'm not sure he'll even remember to come back."

Just then the door flew open and in bounced George. "You'll never guess what happened!" he shouted. "While I was at lunch, I met Old Man Brown, who hasn't bought anything from us for five years. Well, we got to talking and he gave me a half-million-dollar order!"

"See," sighed the sales manager to his secretary. "I told you he'd forget the sandwiches."

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A group of etymologists has discovered the two root words of the word 'politics'.

Greek polu-, from polus, meaning much, many.

Tick: Any of numerous small bloodsucking parasitic arachnids of the family Ixodidae, many of which transmit febrile diseases, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

Make your own conclusions.

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"You should meet my husband. He makes a living with his pen."

"Oh, so he's a writer?"

"No, he raises pigs."

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Teacher: "Children, there will be only a half-day of school this morning."

Johnny (in back seat): "Whoopee! Hurray!"

Teacher: "Silence. We'll have the other half this afternoon."

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