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A couple that just moved into their new home in the suburbs were told they ought to get a watchdog to guard their premises at night. So they bought the largest dog that was for sale in the kennels of a nearby dealer.

Shortly afterwards the house was entered by burglars, who made away with a good haul while the dog slept. The householder went to the kennel dealer and told him about it.

"Well, what you need now," said the dealer, "is a little dog to wake up the big dog."

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After waiting in the hospital the nurse approached and inquired of the father, "What do you want? A boy or girl?"

The father replied, "A boy!"

The nurse said, "Well this time you got a girl."

"That's okay," said the father, being very reflective. "That was my second choice."

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Mother decided that 7-year-old Cathy should get something 'practical' for her birthday.

"Suppose we open a savings account for you?" mother suggested. Cathy was delighted.

"It's your account, darling," mother said as they arrived at the bank, "so you fill out the application."

Cathy was doing fine until she came to the space for 'Name of your former bank.' After a slight hesitation, she put down 'Piggy.'

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They once created a street called Chuck Norris but had to change it.

No one crosses Chuck Norris and lives!

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