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Little Johnny: "Why does it rain, dad?"

Father: "To make the flowers grow and the grass and the trees."

Little Johnny: "So why does it rain on the sidewalk?"

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Teacher: "What ancient ruler was it who played the fiddle while Rome was burning?"

Johnny: "Hector, ma'am."

Teacher: "No, not Hector. Hector was no ruler, he was a Trojan prince. Try again."

Johnny: "Then it was Duke!"

Teacher: "Duke? What do you mean Johnny?"

Johnny: "Well then, it must have been Nero... I knew it was someone with a dogs name."

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Teacher: “Little Johnny, please spell the word 'pole'.”

Little Johnny: “P-O-L.”

Teacher: “But what is at the end of it?”

Little Johnny: “Electrical Wires, but I can’t spell that yet.”

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It's Christmas morning and after all the gifts are unwrapped Little Johnny ask the following qeustion, "Mother, where did all these pretty toys come from?"

Mother: "Johnny, Santa brought all of them."

Johnny: "Did he bring everything? Did he bring the electric train, the baseball glove and bat? The ice skates..."

Mother: "Yes Johnny, Santa brought everything."

Johnny: "Well, then who buys all the things in the stores?"

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