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Little Johnny: I’m so glad you named me Little Johnny.

Mother: Why do you say that?

Little Johnny: Because that’s what all the kids in school call me.

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During history class the teacher was discussing George Washington.

"George Washington, not only did he chopped down his cherry tree," the teacher explained, "but he also admitted to doing it. Does anyone know why his father did not punish him? "

After a few minutes of silence Little Johnny answered, "Maybe because George still had the ax in his hand?"

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Teacher: Little Johnny, if one and one make two, and two and two makes four, how much does four and four make?

Little Johnny: That isn’t fair, teacher. You answer the easy ones yourself and leave the hard ones for us.

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Teacher: Little Johnny, how old were you on your last birthday?

Little Johnny: Seven.

Teacher: How old will you be on your next birthday?

Little Johnny: Nine.

Teacher: That's impossible.

Little Johnny: No it isn’t teacher. I’m eight today.

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