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Four-year-old Johnny was eating a hot dog when he dropped it on the floor. He quickly picked it up and was about to take another bite when his mom said, "No, Johnny, you can't eat that now it has germs."

Johnny pondered the thought a moment and replied, "Jesus, germs, and Santa Claus - that's all I ever hear about and I haven't seen one of 'em yet!"

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Teacher: The first thing King Charles did upon ascending the throne was to…

Little Johnny: Sit down.

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"Teacher" was giving her class a little weekly talk on painting, illustrated by reproductions of famous pictures. "Sir Joshua Reynolds," she said, "was able to change a smiling face into a frowning one with a single stroke of the brush."

"Huh," little Johnny was heard to mutter, "my maw can do that, and she don't need no paint brush!"

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Teacher: "Why are you praying in class little Johnny?”

Little Johnny: “My mom taught me to always pray before going to sleep."

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